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Eat raw vegetables cause bleeding

a emergency doctors about such a case: he night, a patient in the emergency room, male, 58 & have spent A week, hematochezia, pale face, listlessness and too weak to answer this question too, must have severe anemia to blood transfusion can help.

after blood transfusion in stable condition, the doctor started looking for bleeding, but from the esophagus to the stomach and duodenum were perfectly normal, in the hospital on the third day, the patient bleeding again, and this is a lot of blood. Finally can only do colonoscopy, peer into the terminal ileum, find out blood is from here, on this section of the intestines absorb several ten sizes of hookworm. Have become all the worms because blood red, the head end of the worm is adsorbed on the intestinal wall... At this point, the patient finally found out the cause of the serious bloody, the culprit is the hookworm. The doctor further inquiries just know, this patient to nutrition, have been long-term raw vegetables, vegetable is parasitic hookworm, step in.

in our country, hookworm infection as one of the four major parasitic disease, about two hundred million people were affected. Along with economic development, this kind of patient less and less in cities, but in the modern people to obtain fresh vegetables nutrition, pay attention to eat vegetables raw, not enough clean, hookworm disease will be making a comeback.