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Beijing-tianjin-hebei practice food safety emergencies

yesterday, beijing-tianjin-hebei food safety incidents, jointly organized by the joint drill. Beijing-tianjin-hebei food regulation will through the way of collaborative practice exploration to establish effective communication, Hong Kong and food and drug safety, comprehensive coordination, rapid joint emergency coordination mechanism.

drills with a hypothetical mass food poisoning emergency happened in chaoyang district as the breakthrough point, the relevant departments will report the incident in accordance with the procedures, early treatment and first aid. Haidian district, mentougou district also subsequently similar foodborne disease report, three districts event patients were characterized by dizziness, hypotension, bradycardia and signs. 2 hours after 50 minutes, the incident involving the number has more than 100 people. According to "Beijing food safety emergency contingency plans" requirement, city drug AnWei started the class II in food safety emergency response, established the field headquarters, under the unified command of the headquarters, multi-sectoral rapidly investigating the incident, sealed may cause security risk of food and raw materials, inspection detect suspicious products, the units and personnel involved in the investigation.