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Jiangning build 150000 university teachers and students of food safety "line"

located in jiangning district high-tech park of university town there are 13 kinds of colleges and universities, the dining room 60, nearly 150000 college teachers and students. To strengthen the food safety supervision in colleges and universities, within its jurisdiction to carry out the food safety responsibility, build a food safety defence college teachers and students, jiangning district market supervision bureau innovative ideas, strengthen supervision and inspection efforts, efforts to create a safe and healthy educational environment.

main body responsibility consciousness be firmly established colleges and universities. Require universities to conduct self-check regularly by the dining room for breakfast, lunch, dinner, head of the nodes in the different time, the production of raw materials to recipients, food processing, food, morning check and food retention samples show me rope ticket work, meal pantry integral environment, leftovers after processing, mopping up the environment, and so on and so forth photos uploaded to the "Gao Xinyuan university town WeChat group of food safety", by special supervision law enforcement personnel to upload pictures to register and handle feedback opinion, demanded an immediate rectification in place of problems existed in the canteen.