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Wear more than eat warm sense of autumn

the weather is getting cold, filled with the taste of autumn. Although autumn is the best season in Beijing, but for the cold gens, this also means that the worst of the year time coming. "A sign of maturity is a person, your mother didn't force you to wear long Johns", the joke in the circle of friends has information in the "spread" wear long Johns. But really have to wear warm to keep out the cold? Eat warm can also do it.

"food heating" let you bring baby "warm"

the heat resistance, cold resistance and food have a close causal relationship. Every day we eat food ingredients is mainly four categories: water, carbohydrate, fat and protein. These four kind of food ingredients, in addition to water, the other three types contain energy, known as "heat" or "calories". These three kinds of food ingredients through the oxidation decomposition of the body, and finally into water and carbon dioxide, release energy at the same time.

these energies are used to maintain life activities, maintaining the brain function, to power the muscles, used for digestion, absorption and maintaining body temperature. Our body is equivalent to an "incubator" of 37 degrees Celsius, energy consumption is quite amazing. When hungry, the body's heat production capacity will drop, afraid of the cold easily.

a lot of people have such an experience: before eating a bit cold in winter, a dinner will feel warm. Eating can let the body extra energy, this energy through the body surface, and people will feel the body heat, the so-called "food heating effect", the effect is generally considered and protein foods on energy consumption in the process of digestion, absorption and metabolism.

also is to have a meal, different foods produced by "food heating" is not the same. Generate heat most foods rich in protein, starch, vegetable effect will be much worse. Cold season people preference for hot pot and eat a dish of mutton hotpot body get hot for a long time, eat a big bowl of rinse cabbage, quickly won't feel hot. "Food nutrition experts explain, protein thermal effect" is as high as 30%, which is protein contains 30% of the energy becomes heat from body surface, and the carbohydrate "food heating effect" is only 5% to 6%. ChuQinRou and fish protein content is 15% 20%, egg protein content is 13%, vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, white gourd is only about 1%.

here also can draw a conclusion that the dietary intake of protein, the day is cold, can produce more of the "thermal effect", a person feel warm, if you still eat like this, but in the summer will feel hot and uncomfortable.

warm mutton hotpot way has exquisite

mutton hotpot is a favorite of many people in the winter, it warm effect is also very high. Afraid of the cold, anemia, poor digestion slightly but it's ok to liver function, cold season for eating more mutton hotpot for warmth. Mutton sex tepid, can promote the body's energy release, let a person feel fever. If the body itself is afraid of the cold, cold feet, strength is insufficient, eat this nature is just right. If the body is hot, hot not cold, energetic tirelessly, there would be no need to eat more meat.

mutton is rich in heme iron, iron, zinc and other trace elements easy to absorb, and high in protein, anaemia is especially suitable for zinc deficiency. Although it contains saturated fat and cholesterol, but because of the thin weak was not the problem of high blood fat, eat some saturated fat and cholesterol is completely harmless. On weekdays big fish big meat to eat too much, high blood fat, low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, mutton hotpot or eat less as well. How to eat to make mutton hotpot maximize the role play warm care? To those who are afraid of cold can choose a nourishing soup or with a spicy soup, so as to further promote the blood circulation, promote the body heat; People who are not afraid of cold should select clear soup, avoid to eat spicy or eat nourishing ingredients cause breakouts, sores, hot and dry.