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Roadside sale "natural honey" on

yesterday, after the silk road area lake avenue of ms xu, recently, in the new town road, appeared many so-called beekeepers selling honey, they are all in the trademark of "pure natural honey", the "pure natural honey is that true?"

ms xu, a few days ago, she was on business to xinzhou district set lee street, at the edge of the new li, see every few meters has been selling the natural honey. She purposely parking consulting, the other pointing to stall nearby hives, claiming to be henan rural beekeepers, raises bees in more than 10 years, and nothing to add, selling honey is pure natural false a compensate ten. So she bought two cans of jujube nectar spend 60 yuan.

when preparing the food home, the family thinks this honey without any treatment, not only not clean, and is likely to add sugar or honey. Ms xu said, not only in a distant city road, in his neighborhood, she has met the people who described themselves as beekeepers selling natural honey. For many years to eat honey, but exactly how to identify true and false, she is not very clear.

yesterday, chutian metropolis daily reporter came to the new li, found in the road and near 318 national road intersection, there are four or five roadside stall selling natural honey. According to the Chinese date honey nectar and other different kinds, acacia honey, mountain, per kilogram honey price range from $20 to 50 yuan. Each booth nearby, with a few hives and a large tent, but if there is a bee inside, is unknown.