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Taught you how to "healthy eating meat from cancer"

existing studies have shown that long-term use of processed meat increases the risk of suffering from esophageal cancer of colon cancer. The world health organization's international agency for research on cancer, points out that more than 50 grams of processed meat foods every day, can lead to increased risk of bowel cancer by 18%. Visible, processed meat's contribution to the risk of cancer. But, if you're that kind of person who is "not meat huan", then please read on.

three carcinogenic factors in the meat of

in processed meat products, there are three main factors will mentor increased risk of cancer, they are iron, all kinds of meat are basically), nitrosamines (which can exist in various types of processed meat), and heterocyclic amine molecules (a kind of chemical molecules produced in the process of meat cooking).

1. First of all, the iron will exist in different meat, and also is the indispensable element in the body, iron deficiency can lead to iron deficiency anemia, is a kind of potential health risks. However, excessive iron intake every day, can lead to increased risk of cancer, because of the iron and other iron compounds, may be as a catalyst, promote the generation of oxygen free radicals. And many other different health factors, such as sunlight, salt and fat, is toxic or whether safety, basically see dose. So, leave talk about toxic doses, is in play rascal.

2. By artificial pickled in fresh meat, smoked or other treatments, if joined the nitrite, or produce nitrite, will promote the generation of nitrosamines material. Supermarkets in the United States, is generally believed that contain nitrosamines of meat is the most bacon, and lunch meat, all kinds of sausages, and hot dogs. For Chinese eating habits, we tend to eat fresh meat, but also to eat ham, bacon, smoked meat, meat products, and so on processing of meat, the meat, there is no doubt that all carry high levels of nitrosamines. In addition, there are some meat, such as seafood (whether fresh or pickled), has a high concentration of nitrosamines. N-nitrosamines content of these foods have a lot less, such as grain, dairy products, oil, and wine.

3. Heterocyclic amines chemicals often produces in the process of food cooked, and different ways of cooking cause ring amine concentration of chemicals are also different. Generally considered in the process of barbecue and Fried in protein zoom will produce a lot of heterocyclic amine substance. Common heterocyclic amines are there, IQ, MeIQx and 3, 8 - diMeIQx, these heterocyclic amine is proven by scientists to the human body is a carcinogenic compounds with respectively.

different food carcinogenic

if processed meats are basically can't escape the characteristics of the high carcinogenic, or some of the information you need to know, that is a different type of meat food, its carcinogenicity difference is very big.

, for example, although dried beef or pork dry is processed meat, but the method of producing beef jerky did not involve the cooking smoked or salted, is pure meat, dehydration process of dehydration process could be natural airing or artificial accelerated air drying, its essence is not too big differences with fresh meat. Chemicals in the dehydration process and scientists think that meat is not changed significantly, and therefore is considered to be safe.

and some pre cooking or pretreatment of meat are very different. For example, some of which may not be pure Patty meat, but often a mixture of a ground meat, often contain blood, liver, skin and fat tissue, and so on edible by-products. In the means of processing is often the first step to simple heating raw meat mixture, the second step is to heat and finally, handle and encapsulation. So the two steps in processed meat handling and dehydrated meat are obviously different. International agency for research on cancer, however, does not give the percentage points data of different meat processing mode contribution to cancer, and therefore the carcinogenicity of concrete is still unknown. Nonetheless, eating processed meat is not bound to cause cancer, the main problem is how do you choose to process the meat to eat, and eat the amount of choice.

how to choose to eat healthy processed meat