Alert! Licorice root tea can lead to high blood pressure emergency!

the Medical Association Journal "on a hospitalized for hypertensive emergency about a man's case study shows that licorice tea, a popular herb tea) is not without health risks.

Jean - Pierre of McGill university in Montreal, Quebec neurologist Dr Falet said: & quot; Some herbal products too much harmful side effects. Contain liquorice root extract products can raise blood pressure, lead to water retention, if eating too much, also lowers the level of the potassium. & quot;

the 84 - year - old man because of high blood pressure of emergency to the emergency room, it is found that is drinking with liquorice root homemade tea. His blood pressure to rise, and suffering from headache, light sensitive, chest pain, fatigue and calf seeper. Admitted to hospital after treatment, the patients with a history of high blood pressure, tell the doctor, two weeks ago he every day drinking 1 to 2 cups homemade licorice root extract, called & quot; Erk sous" .