The research and development of new technology can determine the DNA sequence from mother or father

November 4, according to physicists organization network (Beijing time), scientists in the United States in the latest issue of the journal nature biotechnology, they developed a new technique can successfully solve a "incurable diseases" in the field of DNA sequencing, determine a specific genetic sequence from mother or father. Latest research will help scientists to better evaluate the effects of gene mutation of diseases, accelerate the matching process of organ donation and help scientists better understand human migration patterns.

the leader of the research, the university of California, San Diego school of medicine, Ludwig cancer research center Ren Bing (transliteration), said: "the technology called 'HaploSeq will help doctors to better assess the risks of individuals suffering from a disease, to personalized medicine way."

Ren Bing said: "now cost $5000, a week can get personal genome sequencing results. In the not distant future, each person's genome will be sequenced, but this beautiful scene has not harmony. Besides hormones, other each hormone has two copies: from my father and mother respectively. Existing technology can not to distinguish between the two copies of each gene, to the genetic analysis was overshadowed."

Ren Bing stressed that combined with the latest technology of molecular biology and computational biology method solved the problem. This method makes the researchers can quickly determine which genetic variation on the same hormones, so as to determine its from mother or father.

the researchers will continue to further study of this technology. They said that this technique has a very wide range of applications. First of all, the new technology will help researchers better assess the risk of someone suffering from a disease, so as to promote the development of personalized medicine. In addition, new technology or may help scientists analyse the status of human migration and to help its "RenZuGuiZong" through DNA sequence. Ren Bing said: "in theory, you can take the DNA sequence of comparing with the DNA sequence of a neighbor, and ask whether you have a common first cousin to a lie. But the new technology can be to study relationship between individuals and between individuals. Once we get more individual data, we can accurately determine the relationship between them. In addition, this technology will promote the ongoing international HapMap project (hereinafter referred to as the HapMap project). HapMap project aims to identify and catalog of the human genetic similarities and differences."