Health knowledge 125: don't eat breakfast had colds and heart disease

according to the daily mail reported, don't eat breakfast, may bring great crisis for himself, a large number of recent studies suggest that don't eat breakfast with excessive obesity, diabetes, and even the flu. In a recent study, the researchers found that men if you don't eat breakfast, a heart attack or other heart disease illness possibility is increased by 27%.

according to the Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health) team analysis, don't eat breakfast, can give the body cause additional stress and tension. In fact, breakfast is not what has a unique effect on the health of magical things, the Medical Research Council (Medical Research Council) of the diet and population health director Susan jie than (Susan Jebb) explained: "I think if you don't eat lunch or dinner, will also improve all kinds of risks, such as fat, just because they don't eat lunch and dinner phenomenon is not common, so we not study those areas."

although there are researchers believe that breakfast should be the most important meal of the three meals, because after the process of heat consumption of sleep, eat a good breakfast can bring a good start to the day. However, this aspect of the research data is not convincing, metabolic, a professor of medicine at the University of Glasgow, Glasgow University navier DE sata (Naveed Sattar) said: "this latest research results, for example, say don't eat breakfast is associated with heart disease, you must ask: don't eat breakfast, let you directly into the risk of heart disease, or people who skip breakfast are more likely to appear unhealthy characteristics, leading to the eating disorder and reckless?"

and, breakfast time also has exquisite, some people wake up after a few hours is no appetite, this may be due to biological clock, and the root cause is due to genetic problems. Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley (Dr. Neil Stanley), said about 10% of people exist such genes, their body clocks slower than normal, so want to get up early difficulties, it will also affect the appetite. "When we wake up, the body will have a variety of procedures to start, in preparation for the day, including the release of hunger hormones. But if you're used to getting up late 'owls', and must get up early, after getting up, you won't feel hungry, eat breakfast has become a problem. So, if you get up at 7 o 'clock in the morning, don't have to force myself to eat. You may feel hungry at 9 points, 10 points, then you may have to go to work, but also can eat in the office."

Dr Stanley emphasize, irregular work and rest can also cause body clock out of sync with breakfast in bed, it is recommended that people try to as far as possible at the same time to sleep every night, wake up the next day, there will be so hungry.

although breakfast is the most important is not settled yet, but it is certainly one of the most important meal in a day. "If you don't eat breakfast, will be hungry in the morning, you will eat snacks, so your lunch and will be affected, and feel hungry in the afternoon, need to eat snacks, so a vicious circle." University of surrey (University & have spent Of Surrey) health psychology professor Jane Ogden (Jane Ogden) breakfast can't explain the mechanism of obesity.

in addition, do not eat breakfast can also affect people choose the food of the day. Imperial College London (Imperial College London), a study published last year, testing 21, 25, young men and women, arrange a day don't eat breakfast, eat breakfast the next day, the results showed: do not eat breakfast that day, participants ate 20% more lunch, and more likely to choose healthy food of high quantity of heat. The brain scans showed that when facing the food, their orbitofrontal cortex, this means that people intend to "reward" yourself, and see the pizza and chocolate food of high quantity of heat is particularly active. Responsible for the study of Tony Goldstone, Dr. Tony Goldstone), Dr. Human if there is a period of time without eating, would be easy to choose the high sugar, high fat diet.

but, according to the results of scientific research don't eat breakfast can easily lead to obesity, doesn't mean that eating breakfast can help you to lose weight. Recently, the United States at the University of Missouri (University of Missouri) did a study, a group of girls didn't eat breakfast is scheduled to start eating breakfast for three weeks in a row, and monitored. Although participants girl in the days of breakfast without too much feeling hungry, cause ghrelin secretion of hunger also declined, but the girls total calorie intake is higher than in the past.

so, the quantity of breakfast is the most appropriate? Journal of Nutrition, 2011 (Nutrition Journal) a paper gives the answer: breakfast for about 300 calories. Than Dr. Susan jie and her team have done an experiment, 33 obese women can be divided into three groups, the first group contains 700 calories breakfast, the second group to eat 560 calories, the classification of the third group is to eat 300 calories. Results show that the three groups of subjects for lunch at the same weight. 300 calories breakfast includes a bowl of porridge with honey, a boiled egg and a slice of whole wheat bread, etc. While sweet pastry food high in sugar and white bread is the worst choice, can lead to a surge in blood sugar level.