Human obesity may be caused by lack of "enzyme" : to avoid alcohol, tobacco, added enzyme

gene mutation induced metabolic disease, can let fate? Otherwise, the scientists found, by adjusting the diet and exercise can be prevented!

interviews with experts, nanjing medical university, department of nutrition and food hygiene bao-qing mo Dr

1. "enzyme" is a high efficient porter

what enzymes? Enzyme, in the process of the metabolism of the body, is a biological catalyst.

all the chemical reactions in our cells are under the environment of normal temperature, atmospheric pressure, aqueous solution, why can so fast? Is because of the enzyme.

such as oxygen and hydrogen to combine to form water, if in normal temperature, both of it slowly to combine together, take a long time, and with the enzyme is different, "a porter" of enzymes are highly efficient, it will quickly to oxygen and hydrogen to "luck" to a piece, and "kneading" together, let them quickly. It's like we want from nanjing to Beijing, if go, slowly, if by plane is much faster.

general, enzymatic reaction rate is higher than the catalytic reaction of 103 ~ 1017 times!

enzyme has a characteristic is "specificity", such as, amylase just catalytic starch hydrolysis, and regardless of sucrose hydrolysis; Or, in the process of cell division and DNA replication, do their job to busy DNA restriction enzyme, DNA ligase, DNA polymerase, RNA polymerase, DNA helicase, etc., be short of one cannot.

we thousands of enzymes is contained in human cells, they also, catalytic the life activities of digestion, absorption, metabolism, excretion, breathing, movement and reproduction, etc. All of the chemical reaction.

if the enzyme gave an issue, one of them will change the normal chemical reactions, and cause some disorders.

2. "enzyme" is obesity controller

if control chemical reactions of metabolism enzyme has a defect, can cause metabolic disease. Such as obesity, and fat metabolism related enzymes. Case:

a friend said she had no luck to eat STH delicious. She dare not eat anything, also have grown so fat, and one of her classmates, large pieces of eat fat, drink fresh soup bowl, figure was so slender. Energy is better than her classmate, is always so spirit.

scientific research confirmed that human obesity and body fat metabolism enzyme content size is directly related to how much, activity. Fat can't themselves into energy, only with the help of fat metabolism enzymes, to make fatty acids into the mitochondria, beta oxidation, into energy consume.

if lack of fat metabolism enzyme, body fat can be difficult to enter the mitochondria, not into energy, so no matter how you go on a diet, activity, how are you to consume it.

scientists also found in the human body fat controller - enzyme MGAT2, it can decide what we burned the fat in their diet or stored in the body.

scientists found this in mice and human intestinal enzymes, they found that mice with no enzyme MGAT2 when to eat a high fat food, still can keep fit and healthy, the reason is that absorption of fat mice were as energy to burn, not stored.

the original title: human obesity may be caused by lack of "enzyme" : to avoid alcohol, tobacco, added enzyme

3. gout "enzyme" is liver metabolism disorder the

case: a friend to the development of the south, often go out to dinner party, is often a full table of seafood, mug of beer, now suffer from gout. In guangzhou and his hometown in the mainland have seen disease, he said, he discovered a phenomenon, is the guangzhou gout patients, more than the mainland.

gout is the key cause of high uric acid, why? Purine metabolic disorder!

in tissue cells and the metabolic process of death and decomposition of nucleotides produce purine compounds, purine generated under the effect of enzyme and uric acid.

in addition, the purine compounds, nucleic acid content in the food and ingredient of nucleoprotein, after digestion and absorption, under the effect of enzyme also generated uric acid.

"under the catalysis of enzyme purines into uric acid", was conducted in the liver. If you don't normal liver metabolism, some synthetase concentration or activity increased, some shift in enzyme concentration or activity increased, the lack of certain transferase and partly, can cause disorder of purine metabolism, to generate too much uric acid.

uric acid concentration is too high, under certain conditions will be in the form of crystal precipitation in some organizations, such as joint, let a person pain, formation of gout.

why the man gout patients more? Eat more high purine seafood, catalyzes of purine metabolism in liver enzyme enough!

4. "enzyme" let cell capacity low missing