Researchers to master "mediation" or help of HIV/AIDS vaccine development

the AIDS virus, invasion of the clear images of "mediation" has been master of scientific research personnel, and the results of paved the way for developing potential AIDS vaccine.

although the AIDS virus has been found that more than 30 years, people have developed the antiretroviral drugs, but has not developed an effective vaccine. Scientists said the vaccine failure and Env trimer has much to do, it is only on the surface of the AIDS virus antigen, is a potential vaccine may target, but because has complex structure, the "face" has been unknown.

at the beginning of this year, scientists claimed to have used low temperature electron microscope to see the Env trimer structure, but the result is questioned by the industry. Nowadays, in the two new studies, the scientists not only provides the Env trimer higher resolution image, and they are using two different techniques to get similar results.