Health knowledge 124: eat more chocolate can let a person fit

according to the daily mail reported, a study found that eating a lot of chocolate, it is one of the best ways to lose weight, and this people usually imagine situation seems to be the different diameter.

at the University of Granada Spain (University of for Granada) scientists studied the nine European countries, including Spain and the UK, 1500 teens aged 12 to 17, pay attention to their diet and fitness activities.

and they found that usually admit people often eat lots of chocolate and each part of the body fat levels are lower than others of the same condition. And more importantly, whether they exercise regularly, or whether to go on a diet, near the stomach are slimmer is flat and level. The study also found that chocolate is also on the human body circulation, blood pressure and heart health have a positive impact.

at the University of granada research results, confirmed earlier at the University of California (University of California) in another study, increase the researchers also found that often eat chocolate can reduce the body fat content.

according to the analysis, this is because, although the chocolate may contain higher than many food quantity of heat, but it can make human body metabolization more efficient, thus offsetting the could have been stored up in different organs in the body fat.

however, the key is moderation. A recent poll found that 86% of the successful dieters will continue to enjoy their favorite food. The investigation of nutritionists Janet Mr Lott (Janet Aylott) said: "numerous studies have demonstrated that not eating centered diet, are likely to fail. The key is in a more relaxed way, eat a little bit of food you like." Before the

there are many studies have shown that complete elimination diet foods such as chocolate, red wine and cookies, finally can cause weight gain, instead because dieters eat other food too much to motivated "compensation". A data shows that the person reduce weight don't eat chocolate and other food, 65% of people become fat. Britain's Cambridge University (University of Cambridge) a recent study found that eating chocolate every day, compared to not eat chocolate, will reduce the risk of stroke by 29%, a 37% lower risk of heart disease.