Research shows that human is honest afternoon lying in the morning

according to U.S. media reports on Oct. 30, according to a study, people throughout the day the ability of self-control not lie or not lie weakened over time, in the afternoon than the morning is more likely to be dishonest.

"as ethical researchers, we test involves lying, stealing and cheating a variety of unethical behavior," Harvard University researchers Maryam Kouchaki David Ike, business school researchers at the university of Utah and Isaac Smith said. They added, "we note that, when tested in the morning, appears the frequency of unethical behavior is low."

it makes researchers curious: compared to the afternoon, whether people in the morning are more likely to resist lying, deception, theft, etc. The temptation of unethical behavior?

previous research had found that lack of rest and repeat decision will reduce the self-discipline behavior; In this study, on the basis of Kouchaki and Smith want to daily activity to check whether daily activities will increase self-discipline and dishonest behavior.