Seventy percent of Chinese health food AnQuanCheng biggest concern below normal

a few days ago, aia group announced in 2013, the latest issue of "healthy life index" in the asia-pacific region survey research report. The survey covers 15 countries and regions in the asia-pacific region, those polled more than 10000 people, was to understand asia-pacific public perceptions of personal health, pay attention to health problems, as well as the expectations of a healthy life.

aia group chief executive and chief executive Mark Tucker said Mark Tucker, "aia has been committed to helping people across the asia-pacific region have healthier lives. 'aia healthy living index survey is the only one in the asia-pacific region across the region health survey, through the one-to-one interview survey of more than ten thousand people, for our understanding of different region people health cognition of attitude and behavior change provides a unique perspective."

health index significantly lower

the survey report shows that the health of Chinese mainland residents life index for 69, higher than the average 62 Asia Pacific region, but there is still as high as 74% of the respondents said their health not as good as five years ago, including many young people under the age of 30. At the same time, 97% of respondents agreed that "it is very important to a healthy life", and thinks that "having enough sleep", "regular exercise", "healthy diet" and so on healthy living habits are very important. Although people have been aware of the existence of the problem, but not actively to improve the way of life, a lot of people in these aspects, and give yourself low.

for the unhealthy life style, causes of disease, of respondents across the region including China "cancer" (44%) to the attention of the most outstanding, the second is the "heart disease" (38%), and "obesity" (26%). Respondents in mainland China at the same time in a "fat", "depression" and "respiratory system disease" shows the Asia Pacific region average higher attention. Although the respondents to the disease was focused on, but only 53% of the respondents worked in the past year physical, mainland China more than a quarter of respondents in the past year did not accept any health check.

in fact, as the mainland of China and the developed countries and regions, is becoming more and more close to the pace of life, healthy life state should cause enough emphasis on the Chinese mainland, and through appropriate healthy living habits, improve their health. Besides by improving their health habits, respondents to the company to help employees get healthy life also have great expectations. Survey showed that 97% of Chinese adults agree that the company should help them live healthier, especially "free or sponsoring body health check" (56%) and "ensure that no overload work/less overtime" (46%).

the aia China chief executive Cai Qiang said: "as a company deep social sense of responsibility are desirable, aia is very concerned about the health of the Chinese family living conditions and health requirements, hope that the healthy life index of the aia released to arouse the people attention to the healthy life again. We encourage the staff, marketing staff, customers and the general public to actively participate in the health campaign, cultivate healthy habits, aia also will, as always, by providing excellent health care products to help Chinese families for comprehensive security, in order to resist the growing health concerns."

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