Scientists confirm the SARS virus comes from the chrysanthemum bat

the reporter learns from the Chinese academy of sciences, the institute researcher at the institute of wuhan virus Shi Zhengli led the international team has a highly homologous with the SARS virus strain was separated SARS coronavirus, further confirmed that the Chinese chrysanthemum bat is the source of the SARS virus. The results of the study, published online in the international famous academic journal nature.

according to introducing, the SARS coronavirus is caused by the pathogen from 2002 to 2003, SARS broke out. Existing epidemiological evidence and bioinformatics analysis revealed that wildlife on the market of civet is the direct source of the SARS coronavirus. Although all over the world including Africa, Europe and China bats were found similar to the SARS virus in the body of the SARS coronavirus, but cannot use these viruses and masked civet ACE2 (i.e., the SARS virus receptors) as a receptor, not close relatives of the SARS virus. The team the separation of the SARS coronavirus can make use of people, masked civet and the chrysanthemum bat ACE2 receptors as its function, and can infect humans, pigs, monkeys and bat many kinds of cells. These experimental results for the chrysanthemum bat are the natural reservoir of the SARS coronavirus provides more direct evidence.

according to the researchers, though bats carry a variety of viruses, but these bat virus spreading to people the opportunity is not much. Bats have a very important role in natural ecology and living conditions of the protection of wild animals such as bats pathogen infection is the best way is to depart from wildlife.