Health knowledge 122: high heels to catch the bus may cause permanent injuries

according to the daily mail reported, wear high-heeled shoes to catch bus, could lead to millions of women suffered a miserable in later life. A new study has found that, even if only in high heels run a short distance, may also lead to knee appeared pain in the future.

China zhejiang ningbo university researchers pointed out that high heels is an icon of fashion, but the expert points out, if wearing high-heeled shoes, even a relatively small amount of exercise, has a chance to cause long-term problems, like the knee arthritis. According to related survey, 90% of women often wear high heels all admit that the body is pain, fatigue, paralysis, and bunions, etc.

ningbo university research team measured the wear flat shoes, the heel is lower than 1.5 cm) with (heel less than 4.5 cm), low and high heels (heel 7 cm) of three groups of young women hip and ankle movement situation, found that women wearing high heels running, can create tension in the knee and hip joint series, and this phenomenon may lead to long-term damage, always wear high heels ladies prone to knee arthritis.

running in high heels, activity is too large, the stress concentration in the knee, this has already been listed as a big risk. While the team only under the condition of the experimental analysis of the age of 21 to 25 small groups of women, but they think the people of other age if wearing high-heeled shoes, is also facing the same risk of injury and joint torques.

in addition, they also found that high heels running ankle activities would shrink, it is also of potential sprain. The researchers stressed that the higher the heel, running and the higher the possibility of the ankle.

, said study leader women prefer high with no surprise, because of high heels will make the wearer steps smaller, it is said that looks more elegant posture, the legs more slender, so bring confidence and attractive, will let the woman willing to endure the pain also want to continue to wear high heels.

the study is published in the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology).