Of the brain that birth control circuit diagram to determine the hope for infertile couples

a part of the brain circuit controls the normal birth, humans and other animals is how to operate for the line, however, scientists are always difficult to the last word. According to physicists organization network reported recently, researchers at the university of otago in New Zealand found this part of the line of "the last piece of the puzzle," together as a complete line. The researchers point out that this discovery was a milestone, not only brought new hope for infertile couples, could also lead to new methods, also has the value for research on prostate cancer. Relevant papers published in recent journal nature communications.

the study by the university of otago neuroscience professor Alan hi-p's responsibility. The research team found in a small protein called kisspeptin and its receptor Gpr54 was essential key cell position signal. In past research, people know that Kisspeptin in human birth is very important, and hi-p's team further found that the molecule is important for ovulation. They cooperate with researchers at the university of Heidelberg in Germany for this mechanism provides experimental evidence.