Us study says children will judge a book by its cover more believe that beautiful women

according to Taiwan news network news today, according to a recent study, most of children "judge a book by its cover" - if you have a beautiful face, most children will choose to trust you. The study results show that even the innocent children to "judge a book by its cover"!

the UK, the daily mail reported that the United States, a professor of Harvard University led the study plan igel said, when the child gradually understand, come into contact with the outside world, they will rely heavily on others to provide information, such as selecting believe in older adults. As a result, the researchers found 32 children aged 4 to 5 test, found that these children are more trusted adults who have a pretty face, especially the "pretty woman". According to the report, the children is not clear that the judge a book by its cover is not an option, but adults are often "knowingly".

before a UK network according to the survey, most of the adults on a first date like to judge a book by its cover. Poll, three 5 of the people meet in 5 seconds, the mind automatically form each other's first impression; More than a third of people said that all factors of appearance is to form a first impression, A quarter of people admit that, completely is to evaluate a person by appearance.