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The hepatitis b virus carriers more than a third from China

world hepatitis day is on July 28, this year China's propaganda theme is "against hepatitis, starts from me". On the same day, by the national health and family planning commission for disease control bureau, press and publicity department, international department, and sponsored by the department of the Chinese center for disease control and prevention campaign on the theme of world hepatitis day and hepatitis prevention and control of Shanghai citizens experience day event held in Shanghai. The Chinese and foreign experts said at the event, viral hepatitis is a serious harm people's health in our country the major infectious diseases, among them the most damage, is the maximum number of reported cases of hepatitis b. Global second liver virus is carried over a third from China, our country each year due to hepatitis b cases are about 280000 cases died.

according to the Chinese center for disease control and prevention expert introduction, in recent years, our country by means of the implementation of the comprehensive prevention and control is given priority to with vaccination strategies, made significant control effect: hepatitis a outbreak falling, dropped to the lowest level; Infant hepatitis b virus (HBV) infection rates fell by 90%, about 80 million people from across the country, hepatitis b virus (HBV) infection decreased by nearly 20 million hepatitis b surface antigen carriers. But the base of hepatitis b patients in our country is larger, health service ability is weak, the health consciousness, hepatitis prevention and control work still faces severe challenges.