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Fatty liver such as rising rates like alcohol fatty liver diseases should take note

tomorrow is world hepatitis day, fatty liver disease and the incidence of drug-induced liver disease in guangxi in recent years, the rising trend

if you are a fat boy also like to drink, more attention should be paid to the

according to media reports, guangxi is one of the world hepatitis day on July 28, and liver disease also attracted the attention of the people in guangxi. Of liver disease situation of guangxi, July 25, the autonomous region people's hospital expert said in an interview with reporters, liver disease situation of guangxi hei side also mixed side, happy is the hepatitis b and hepatitis c infection rates have declined, and can prevent remedy, sorrow is the infection rate is still higher than the national average, fatty liver disease and the incidence of drug-induced liver disease is on the rise.

mentioned liver disease situation, guangxi autonomous region people's hospital of medical Song Huaiyu said, deputy director of the liver disease in guangxi hei also mixed. Happy is that guangxi is the high incidence of hepatitis b and c, hepatitis b infection rate is higher than the national average, which is associated with is located in the coastal area of guangxi. But due to the epi work do better in the 1980 s, at present, the risk of neonatal infection hepatitis b and c in guangxi has fallen below 1%, in the overall rate of hepatitis b and hepatitis c infection is a downward trend, and can prevent remedy; Sorrow, with the improvement of people's living standard, the viral liver disease and the prevalence of drug-induced liver disease is becoming more and more high, especially given priority to with fatty liver and drug-induced liver disease.

"the prevalence of fatty liver in our district has the rising trend in recent years. Autonomous region people's hospital medical center found that every 150000 check-up crowd, there are 30% of people suffering from varying degrees of fatty liver. Fatty liver disease, as it were, in the development zone occupies very large proportion in liver disease statistics." Song Huaiyu said.

Song Huaiyu tells a reporter, at present there are two kinds of the types of fatty liver disease, is a kind of alcoholic fatty liver disease, hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia people susceptible to such fatty liver; Another is to alcoholic fatty liver disease, is caused by the long-term drinking.

"fat people don't necessarily have a fatty liver, thin people did not necessarily no fatty liver." Song Huaiyu said, the early stage of the fatty liver and no obvious symptoms, but if suffer from fatty liver without timely detection, will cause liver cirrhosis, severe cases can lead to liver cancer.