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Diabetes ariations crammed into the nanjing ten death killer

according to jiangsu media, diabetes has become one of the top ten death killer ariations in nanjing, but did not cause the attention of everyone, especially on an empty stomach blood sugar diabetes "reserve" is more than equal to 5.6. In yesterday's people's liberation army (PLA) 454 hospital on diabetic foot top BBS, the 454 hospital endocrinology ai-ping wang, director of the introduction, the latest standards of statistics found that blood glucose abnormalities in China people is as high as 25%, that is one out of four people is a prospective diabetes or diabetes.

alert, a quarter of residents of abnormal blood glucose

ai-ping wang told reporters, according to the latest statistics show that the incidence of diabetes was 11.4% in adults older than 20 years of age, that is one of the 10 people are people with diabetes. Is more terrible, in addition, there is 1.5 in diabetic patients and normal people, that is "people" abnormal glucose tolerance, this part of the "reserve" will become diabetic patients at any time. In other words, now has 25 people out of 100 abnormal blood sugar.

it is understood that a normal fasting glucose should be 5.6 or less, after the meal & lt; 7.8, patients with diabetes blood sugar is 7.0 or higher, on an empty stomach after a meal 11.1 or higher. Therefore, the so-called "reserve", that is, the blood sugar in between the crowd of abnormal glucose tolerance. For this part of the abnormal people, through the control diet, weight control, there will be 50% of the people may return to normal, into normal blood glucose, but half of the people in the five years to become the people with diabetes.

fasting glucose at 7-10 patients especially careful

as the body without the apparently unusual, this part of the "middle" crowd will seldom focus on blood sugar, and painful just took place in the side. Ai-ping wang give reporters a example: one of fasting glucose was 8.5-9 60 patients for the first time to see a doctor, and check to make an appointment a week later. However, check on the same day, in the outpatient ai-ping wang did not wait for the patient, she wondered, too, so high blood sugar, also in delay? Two days later, she received a phone call, a friend told her that so-and-so suddenly died of acute myocardial infarction (ami). Ai-ping wang said she a listen to this, in addition to shock, more's the pity.

"although he was died of myocardial infarction, diabetes play an important role in it, this is a hard lesson." Ai-ping wang cautioned that clinically, fasting blood glucose in 7 to 10 patients, with no symptoms, many people don't care, but hidden danger, who also don't know which day will suddenly broke out. She urged, this part of the "middle people" to go to a doctor as soon as possible, by adjusting the natural happy can return to normal, not back to normal, also want to control the condition, prevent seizures.

diabetes is one of ten big dead killer of nanjing