An action can predict life? Brazil experts announced life test

a movement can predict life? The latest report on "mother nature" website in America, Brazil, a crow dior, gill, o lowe Mr Doctor invented a simple test, just a few seconds, can predict people over 50 can live long.

o lowe huo noticed in the process of clinical practice, there are a lot of elderly patients are usually done some relatively simple skills bigger difficulties, such as picking up things from the floor, or got up from his chair. So he thought of the old man body flexibility flexibility, balance and physical strength can as measurements of their life expectancy. With the help of colleagues, the law o designed the unarmed "sit down and stand up again after the test. Relative to the rose from his chair in the test, it ruled out the influence of the height of chair.

o lowe huo the doctor suggested that, 50 years of age or older and physical quality is good at ordinary times a person can be independently; Physical quality is a bit poor test can be done in the company of friends, in the process of the test shall wear loose comfortable clothes and barefoot. First of all, the body stand erect on the clean land, without arms or hands can play a role of lever, careful to let the body sinks, a squat posture, then in the position of the legs. Adjust the body, and then to recover from a sitting position to their original posture, then still can't function with the help of arms (the whole process of movements as shown).