The latest research shows men insomnia can make the risk of premature death increased four times

the UK's daily telegraph reported on September 1, the United States, a new study published in the journal sleep, awake at night tossing and turning still insomnia male premature death risk increases greatly. The study was "lack of sleep can lead to long-term health hazard" theory is a strong indication.

Pennsylvania state university school of medicine, to complete the new study found that, compared with the man who often enjoy a good sleep, male patients with insomnia more risk of premature death. While women insomniacs nature seems to be able to cope with the lack of sleep, will not affect its life expectancy.

new research director is the director of the center for sleep research at the university, professor of psychiatry at Alexandra des & # 12539; Wigan, Dr. He said, a new study has found that the most common sleep disorder, insomnia and male mortality increased there is a close correlation. So far, no research has ever draw such a conclusion.

new study surveyed 1000 women and 741 men sleep patterns. Participants described their sleep history and accept the one night of sleep laboratory monitoring. The results found that 8% of women and 4% of men were diagnosed with chronic insomnia, these people average sleep time is less than 6 hours every night. However, in the next 14 years follow-up, male patients with insomnia is 4.3 times that of the healthy sleep patterns of men.