The study found that cancer risk fast walk for half an hour every day can be reduced by 12%

the world cancer research fund, the scientists said the moderate intensity exercise every day for 45 minutes, just in the UK each year can reduce 5500 cases of breast cancer. Similarly, people exercise 30 minutes a day can reduce the UK each year colorectal cancer at least 4600 cases. In addition, regular exercise can reduce the risk of endometrial carcinoma. On average, every 30-45 minutes of exercise, can make all kinds of cancer risk by 12%.

the world cancer research fund, said the study further reveals the exercise important role in prevention and cure of cancer. The group vice President Dr Rachel Thompson, stressed that the exercise must be into the gym every day and do not necessarily have to sweat. Besides fast walk, bike or swim with constant velocity has made sports, dancing, food, household chores such as cleaning the room, and the dog for a walk, etc., belong to a fitness activities.