The study found that mother's voice can soothe damaged nerve

mother in everyone's heart has irreplaceable special status. The daily mail reported on August 30, new study has found that a mother's brain for her children also has a special effect.

published in the journal brain and cognitive, a new Canadian study found that, compared with photos from celebrities to father's many kinds of people, take a look at the mother's face more brain cells.

experiment, researchers at the university of Toronto, Canada to participants show their parents, a group of strangers and celebrity photos, at the same time measured the brain activity of participants. The results found that mother photos appeared, participants "and emotional areas of the brain responsible for perception." obviously more active. The role of the father photos times, celebrity photos again, and a stranger photo almost impact on participants do not constitute a brain.

at the university of Toronto researchers, o Mary surrey, said Dr. More studies have found that some adults living away from parents for many years, but mother photos still can make the brain cells become more active in a particular area. This suggests that mother has long-term positive effects on children's brain.

us researchers completed another study found that at the same time, the mother's voice is calm damaged nerve function, namely the mother's call will also be like hug with comfort.

the United States at the university of Wisconsin, Madison, the researchers investigated the role of oxytocin in mother-child relation. The study involved a group of 7-12 years old girl. The researchers make a speech in front of strangers, these children and make a set of math, to let the children feel nervous. Later, a third of children whose mothers had been comfort, a third of the child and his mother on the phone, another third child to watch a movie.

it was found that children to meet or talk with my mom's rapidly rising levels of oxytocin. The great surprise, the scientist only 1 hour, and the degree of peace that you mother on the phone the child as good as that of the mother and the children of calm face to face.