New mother postpartum sleep careful postpartum obesity

one more sleep can be a lot of good, postpartum

just made a new mother to pay attention to the Harvard University school of medicine, through the investigation of 900 with an average age of 33, postpartum women found that new mother if lack of sleep, it is easy to weight gain, particularly detrimental to restore body shape. The study is published in the American journal of epidemiology 11 issue of the journal.

the researchers found that when children are six months old, if the new mom sleeping less than 5 hours a day, so when children are 1 year old, she will be better than those who slept seven hours a day mother for an additional 10 jins weight. So, don't look down upon this a few hours of sleep, the difference is so big.

the study also found that if women in the postnatal than after six months of the year when sleep less, so the difficulty of her lose weight will be increased by two times. Other studies have confirmed that sleep less time will lead to hormonal changes, increase appetite, this should is also an important reason of their weight gain.

as a result, the Harvard University school of medicine, Dr Matthew solemnly pointed out that in order to themselves and their children's health, new mothers must seriously consider how to increase and that of their children to sleep. Study leader Dr Erica, one of the also suggested that new mom if you want to return to prenatal size, so in addition to maintaining a healthy diet and physical exercise, and sleep for two hours every day.

2, decubitus in constantly free transform position for beautiful

new mother the prone position should not have special provisions, in constantly free transform position is preferred. If no abnormalities, body can start on the second day of postpartum stomach, 1 ~ 2 times a day, 15 ~ 20 minutes every time, is advantageous for the uterus to restore the original forward bend. New mothers do more chest knee decubitus in lili, do more to strengthen pelvic floor muscle elasticity and anus movement, both help prevent uterine backwards dumping.

women pregnant uterus increases gradually, the ligament also gradually been stretched subsequently. Delivery end, quick retraction, uterine ligament is very difficult to recover quickly, and also due to excessive pelvic floor muscle and fascia during childbirth, or some torn, and thereby the uterus change with position. If often take supine, uterine position will be backwards dumping, due to the relationship between the gravity and the position of the uterus is normally forward forward bends.

after the uterus due to lying posture into, the axis of the uterus and vagina formed a straight line, so in the future, when stand easily from the vagina, uterus prompted uterine prolapse, new mothers often feel pain in your stomach drop and lumbar acid. If the cervix exposed for a long time, still can cause dry, friction and canker, erosion and infection, outflow purulent secretion and blood, dysuria and urinary incontinence, may also occur in the future the symptom such as dysmenorrhea, excessive volume.

three, natural labor: the left the right side has exquisite

natural birth of a new mother in perineal incision, if sleep should incision on the left to the right, if the notch is on the right side, it must be to the left, this is to prevent the incision. Suggest new mother can give priority to with a best prone position, at the same time, pay attention to other alternates posture, to achieve the best effect.

4, cesarean delivery: before and after 6 hours is not the same as