Taking lipid-lowering dissolved or excessive can cause muscle disease

nanjing suspected eating crayfish muscles to dissolve events, dissolves muscle disease become the social focus. Hangzhou hospital urology department of surplus director lu pointed out that dissolves muscle is also called rhabdomyolysis, actually very common.

keep a posture because drunk still for a long time, vascular xiaoxie back and foot heel long time pressure and extrusion, make blood-vessel of oxygen, causing rhabdomyolysis.

what aunt ate lipid-lowering lipid-lowering drugs shortly after, lower limb muscles begin to ache, but has been as symptoms after motion, also didn't stop. The final diagnosis of drug-induced rhabdomyolysis.

movement under excessive wang breath made more than 500 push-ups, feel muscle soreness, in the afternoon, he found that the urine turns to soy sauce color.