Improve the level of intelligence for 40 minutes three times a week for a walk

according to foreign media reports on August 28, the American frontier aging neuroscience magazine published a new study has found that not only can improve the level of health, walk a few times a week and still can raise the level of intelligence.

at the university of Illinois, United States psychologists to complete the new study found that walking at a speed of normal walking three times a week, and 40 minutes every time, help to improve mental, let a person become smarter. Scientists say that moderate walking can promote various links in the brain, prevent brain function decline associated with aging, and even can improve the reasoning.

new study involved almost 100 sedentary "couch potatoes" (stay on the sofa watching TV for a long time). Participants were divided into 18-35 and 59-80 - year - old two age groups. Research before you begin, all the habits of the participants are "sitting", 30 minutes of exercise for 6 months less than twice.

researchers used brain imaging scan whether aerobic exercise can improve the network connection (all parts of the brain nervous system). Researchers also in 6 months after the start of the study, start walking or stretching and when a year later, measured each participants brain network connectivity and cognitive task performance.

it was found that a year later, the elderly group stroller significantly increased brain network connection. That is, participants walk a few times a week, insist on a year later, the brain function improved significantly. But upon stretching of the participants did not appear the effect. In addition, walk also raised the "portions of the brain responsible for complex tasks" function, walkers cognitive test scores were significantly higher than those of contrast group.