Short had a 50% higher risk of coronary heart disease

short people than tall people have a 50% higher risk of coronary heart disease. Of course, compared with height, weight, blood pressure and smoking habits is still more important risk factor.

researchers summarized the 52 studies between height and heart health, the total number of more than 3 million people. Generally speaking, the short (that is, men less than 165 cm, female is less than 152 cm) the risk of coronary heart disease is tall (men above 178 cm, female is higher than 168 cm) of 1.5 times. The researchers believe that short coronary artery is fine, once appear problem, blood is easy to block. Professor's NORTON, Scott said, we don't want to frighten short people, but they should pay more attention to his way of life, because of the effect of height on the heart far less about the dangers of smoking. Short people don't worry for the new findings, height is only one risk factor for heart disease. Although people cannot control their height, but they can adjust the other important factors, namely the healthy way of life, do not smoke, drink, eat a balanced diet, and exercise more.