The patients can be skin cells into liver cells

26, according to foreign media reports, researchers at the university of Cambridge has successfully put a small piece of skin on patients with arm samples into liver cells, may not be out of the five years that serious illness transplant patients can use their skin "grow your own" liver.

this technology through continuous improvement, will be able to produce liver, full size each match exactly with the patient, no rejection. Currently in the UK each year because of the number of deaths from liver disease, diabetes and more than the total number of traffic accident death. There are as many as 600 people a year to accept a liver transplant, but many patients are waiting for a suitable donor in the long process of death.

this experiment including remove genetic liver diseases in patients with a small piece of skin samples, and then turn them into stem cells using chemical mixture, the "universal cell" (master cells) can be turned into other types of cells. Then use a special method to turn stem cells into liver cells.