Women appropriate eat dark chocolate can prevent heart failure

women appropriate eat dark chocolate, can prevent heart failure. This is us researchers study results.

the harvard medical school researchers for more than 30000 women aged 48 to 83 Swiss for nine years of tracking survey, investigation content involves the women at ordinary times the habit of eating dark chocolate and their risk of developing heart failure.

the study found that compared with the habits of women did not eat dark chocolate, 1 to 3 times every month to eat dark chocolate (20 g to 30 g) of a 32% lower risk than women to suffer from heart failure. But the study also found that eating dark chocolate shoulds not be too much, otherwise it will produce the opposite effect.

previous research has found that chocolate can provide some physical essential minerals and nutrients. Which exists in the polyphenols in chocolate can prolong the action time of other antioxidants in the body, promote cardiovascular diastole, inhibiting inflammatory reaction and the role of blood clot formation.

ice cream to eat many careful headache

the ice cream hot season is summer, eat a bite of ice cream can make you a cool half a day. However, attention should be paid to don't be greedy, big eat ice cream might cause tonsillitis or headache.