Good oral health chewing gum to stimulate saliva secretion

recently, held in Barcelona, Spain in the 88th international dental research (IDAR) annual academic meeting, sichuan university huaxi medical school oral teaching and research section of prevention de-yu hu, a professor at the research team reported their findings: chewing sugarless gum can stimulate saliva secretion, has obvious scavenging effect to the food scraps, good oral health.

the study found that 88% of the subjects in the chewing sugar-free gum after 10 minutes, the tooth surface food residue was completely removed. Its mechanism is chew sugar-free gum after meals can stimulate saliva secretion to increase, flow speed, to clean off in maxillofacial nest ditch, adjacent face, neck and tooth edge scraps of food; Meanwhile, chewing gum viscosity to remove food residue and play a supporting role.

chewing promote saliva secretion, anytime, anywhere to protect oral health

a lot of people think that chewing sugarless gum "sticky" walk in the oral food residue, but it is not, the research shows that truly protect is saliva. Seemingly ordinary saliva have clean, antibacterial effect, and chewing can stimulate the production of saliva, washed away food and other residue in oral cavity, inhibit the growth of bacteria, is one of the most powerful prevention mechanism of the human body. After a meal or snack, chewing sugarless gum is 20 minutes daily oral health care methods simple, can do it anytime, anywhere, is love is worth to recommend tooth good habits.

actually, sugar-free gum methods have been the world dental federation (FDI), the Chinese stomatological association (CSA) and so on many professional organizations at home and abroad. The ministry of health in the newly issued by the Chinese residents' oral health guide also points out that, "chew sugar-free gum can stimulate saliva secretion, reduce oral acidity, helps to fresh breath, teeth clean", as part of their daily simple protect oral health tips, enjoy sweet delicious at the same time also can prevent tooth decay, kill two birds with one stone.

regular oral examination, establish prevention consciousness