Beauty company claimed that found a "panacea" can cure all cancers

according to U.S. media reports on August 24, al, lahm biotech companies in the United States has announced they had found a cure for all the new cancer drugs, the first to receive of 19 patients with advanced liver cancer clinical trial condition is improving. Not only that, the company said, over time, the drug may even cure all disease.

mri scans showed that use of ALN - VSP after treatment, the liver tumor significantly reduced in the blood flow.

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the first patients responded well

in April this year, 19 chemotherapy but no improvement in liver cancer patients to start taking this new drug called ALN - VSP. Within weeks after the first dose, drugs have obviously starts to prevent tumor protein to grow one's own needs.

in the year to June, al, said the company through "wake up" the body's own immune defense system, a rarely used ALN - VSP successfully cut off blood flow to the liver cancer patients tumor 62%. In the treatment of liver cancer, the traditional method of drug commonly used to eliminate pathogenic proteins, whereas ALN - VSP by RNA interference (RNAi) therapy to prevent cells directly pathogenic proteins.

wake up the body's own defense mechanisms

scientists in the study also found that the ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) - if a wonderful relationship between DNA to protein is a piece of paper, then the builders of RNA is able to give orders. RNA copy genes on the DNA strands of messenger RNA, send messages to cells by it again and then produce proteins.

in 1998, scientists discovered the mechanism of RNA interference (RNAi), primitive creatures will use this system to identify and destroy virus double-stranded RNA and RNA messengers. Researchers have found that introducing a short period of double-stranded RNA cells that can trigger the buried ancient mechanism in the human body, make the effect of RNAi play again to stop production of specific proteins.

from this perspective, RNAi has the ability to cure many diseases, including cancer, and the characteristics of these diseases are generally caused by the protein common diseased cells produce too much. In theory, manipulating RNAi to kill protein is not difficult. ALN - VSP, for example, will contain synthetic double-stranded RNA, it has to do with the liver tumor used to encode two proteins of messenger RNA, matching the two proteins, respectively, is to promote the growth of the tumour vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and the acceleration of the tumor cells rapidly dividing spindle drive protein (KSP).

synthetic double-stranded RNA in liver cells, RNAi mechanism in the human body will destroy the synthesis of RNA and any matching associated with tumor growth, mrna, protein continue to produce, so stop tumor growth.

is expected to "cure-all"