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Africa appear 5 new deadly virus infections in four people dead

scientists in the United States in 28 issue of the journal public library of science pathogens issued a research report that they found a new deadly virus confirmed in Africa "Lujo," four of five people had died.

one of the authors, the epidemiologist lipkin at Columbia University, says it is unclear whether the source of the virus, but he thinks that may be transmitted to humans by rodents. He said, "this is a very dangerous virus.

, the report says the new virus causes the disease symptoms are similar to ebola hemorrhagic fever caused by the symptoms. The first infection is one of the women, living in Lusaka, Zambia's capital, she suddenly high fever last September, soon deterioration, by plane to Johannesburg, South Africa's capital after treatment, but still not to die; Participate in treating one of her nurse immediately fell ill. The other three patients is medical staff in Johannesburg.

because of five people from Zambia and South Africa respectively, virus so by capital JOHANNESBURG (LUSAKA) in LUSAKA, capital of Zambia and South Africa (JOHANNESBURG) of the former two named mix of English letters.

as far as the only survival of infected people is how to escape the virus "claws", the researchers explained that this may be due to the infection at the suggestion of researchers taking antiviral drugs in a timely manner. In addition, the study of the cases survived will help scientists to further study the new deadly virus.

South African AIDS vaccine clinical trials is

according to report of xinhua news agency by South Africa and the United States, researchers developed an AIDS vaccine will enter human clinical trials in June. This will be the whole African region for the first time by African countries to participate in the core research and development of an AIDS vaccine for human trials.

Desmond tutu AIDS research center is to assume one of the main mechanism of the AIDS vaccine clinical trials. Linda gere beck, the director of the center for the study, a researcher at 28, told the xinhua news agency reporters in an interview, used in the clinical trials of a vaccine is the center, the university of Cape Town and the United States national institutes of health research cooperation, vaccine development for 7 years.

according to baker, smallpox vaccine use for HIV immunogen carrier. The first phase of the main clinical trials testing the vaccine immune response, and further confirm its safety. Preliminary research has shown that the vaccine is safe, this is the basic requirement of conducting clinical trials.

baker says, only in the premise of security to ensure that the correct to enter clinical trials in the second stage, in order to test the effectiveness of the vaccine. According to introducing, local clinical trials in South Africa will be in June in soweto Cape Town and at the same time.