The pharmaceutical industry union green five-year emission reductions

"twelfth five-year" period, the ammonia nitrogen has become obligatory targets to reduce emissions, in the industry, the pharmaceutical industry is also one of the key industries that ammonia nitrogen emissions. Launched by China environmental newspaper, the national pharmaceutical industry association support at all levels of the pharmaceutical industry cope with the challenge of obligatory targets to reduce emissions 26 conference was held in Beijing. Sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies attending the meeting on behalf of the national pharmaceutical industry alliance for a green enterprise, said pharmaceutical enterprise must adhere to the quality, efficiency and environmental protection and development.

the relevant departments, according to one of the fastest growing industry in the national economy in China, nearly 4700 home, at present, China's pharmaceutical enterprises can produce nearly 1500 kinds of chemical pharmaceuticals, is one of the world's largest chemical pharmaceuticals production and export. In the pharmaceutical industry have made important contributions to our country economy growth at the same time, also produced a large number of "three wastes", emissions, causing serious pollution of the environment.

in February 2010, the environmental protection department issued the national pollution census bulletin, the main water pollutants in the industrial pollution sources, chemical oxygen demand (cod) emissions among the seven industry emissions total accounted for 81.1% of industrial waste water chemical oxygen demand (cod) emissions plant outfalls, pharmaceutical manufacturing was on the list. According to statistics, the pharmaceutical industry accounted for 1.7% of the gross value of industrial output, and the wastewater is accounted for 2%. Pharmaceutical industry structural adjustment, energy conservation and emissions reduction, cleaner production is urgent.