Sea pury net profit increase 5 turn into a quasi 10 10 pie is 20 yuan

reporter learned that, in 2010 the pury (002399) in the history of the best business performance at the same time, introduced the "10 turn add 10 shares and handing out $20 cash" bonus scheme.

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the sea pury (002399), according to annual report released late on March 27, 2010, the company business income is 3.85 billion yuan, up 73.26% from a year earlier, the net profit of 1.21 billion yuan, up 49.5% year on year. Among them, the FDA grade heparin sodium API 40.57% gross margin, basic flat with last year, but the income decreased by thirty percent, to 479 million yuan; Ordinary grade heparin sodium API gross margin declined, but the product's revenue reached 3.37 billion yuan, a 121% year-on-year surge. At the same time, the company in the domestic market share increased.