The basic drug system in jiangsu province for the masses -- 10 million a year

in April 2009, the country officially launched the deepening medical and health system reform, the same year in July in our province issued "on deepening the reform of medical health system of the implementation opinions", the deepening reform of jiangsu "schedule" and "road map". For two years, our province closely around the "basic, strong base, build mechanism", earnestly implement the five key reform tasks, effect appeared gradually, the people began to enjoy the affordable health care.

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drugs , for the masses -- $10 a year

news playback: recently, sheyang county town wang village villagers cui-lan gao have appendicitis, surgery in township health centers to treatment, from admission to discharge only 630 yuan. The doctor told her, for she is all province unified distribution of basic drugs, hospital zero price difference sales, don't make a penny, that alone to help her save a lot of money.

news background: implementation of the basic drug system, the government unified rural hospitals and community health service center equipped with use national essential drugs and supplemented, these drugs by the provincial unified bidding procurement, unified distribution, grassroots health institutions original price to sell to the people, and don't make a penny. At present, the province's 82 counties (city, area) the implementation of the system, 77% of the county (city, area). In 2010, the system of the province to carry out regional government grassroots health institutions doors er visits an increase of 8.9% over the previous year, the cost of the outpatient service all times could be reduced by 23%, hospitalization time cost reduced by 6%; Basic drug centralized purchasing price 44% lower than the national development and reform commission of the retail price; The medical expenses decreased by more than 20% on average. According to the provincial health department statistics, in 2010, the basic drug system a alone ease the burden for the populace of 1 billion yuan.

health-care backgammon, had a serious illness need not fear

news playback: low-income residents in jiangyin with Shi Zhengxing, suffering from esophageal cancer late last year, an operation need at least 80000 yuan. This make originally have no source of income Shi Zhengxing a was in trouble. Thankfully, Shi Zhengxing during hospitalization, coincides with the jiangyin new increase the compensation standard and the new farmers and supplementary insurance implementation of a serious illness. Shi Zhengxing when discharged from hospital reimbursement 58000 multivariate, oneself only to pay less than 30%.

news background: basic medical insurance in our province level improved steadily in recent years. Medical insurance for urban employees, residents' health care and new farming ginseng (us) rates are stable at more than 95%, and improving medical assistance system. In 2010, the town worker medical insurance policy within the scope of proportion of medical expense fund pays 80%, Government subsidies, urban residents health care per capita amounted to 134 yuan, proportion of pay policy within the scope of medical expenses by 60%; New farmers and government subsidies, per capita amounted to 165.6 yuan, accounting for rural residents in counties and townships in hospital compensation within the scope of the two levels of policy than 61.55%, hospitalization expenses actual compensation ratio was 45.34%. Urban residents medical insurance and new farming comprehensively promote outpatient service as a whole. Built and rural connectivity, cost instant knot of new agricultural information platform, the medical insurance for urban employees and residents health care to realize real-time networking card settlement ginseng protect personnel to hospital expenses.

"everything here is quite good, why to squeeze big hospital"

news playback: morning of March 22, 30, who lives in nanjing build new countryside Guo le, accompanied by his girlfriend came to the set early hospital rehabilitation training. Small Guo last year with a cerebral hemorrhage, rushed to her family in nanjing, the first hospital. Beside qinhuai hospital is a member of the first hospital of nanjing group, "conditions similar to big hospital here, here and don't have to queue, big hospital experts to check every week, everything is very good, why want to go to the crowded big hospital?" Receive the same treatment of rehabilitation training, here, at least save 1/3 cost than big hospitals.

news background: basic medical and health service system constantly improve, this let more people willing to to the door of the community hospital to see a doctor. In recent years, the provincial government allocated special funds to weak areas in economic 700 health clinics in towns and townships, 200 central hospitals, 320 community health service centers of infrastructure construction and 244 community health service centers, 10000 village clinics, basic equipment and equipment should be supported, at the same time, strengthen the construction of basic medical and health care team, enhance the level of the basic medical and health services. At present, the province city community health service institutions this cost per capita for about 50% of the tertiary hospitals, community health services of the appeal.