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Shanghai: the temperature is above 37.5 ℃ not into the classroom parents don't in kindergarten

(Shanghai) municipal education commission yesterday (23) is the recent further doing well the school (H1N1) flu prevention and control work in the city issued a circular, reiterated that the school should try to reduce unnecessary indoor gathered sexual activity, and special remind childcare facilities to carry out the same temperature for parents and foreign personnel work.

super temperature 37.5 ℃ don't enter the classroom

the municipal education commission requirements, the school to the axillary temperature is 37.5 ℃ above can be measured (or oral 38.0 ℃ above) with one of the symptoms of runny nose, sore throat, cough and rule out other factors of disease, not allowed to enter the classroom and dormitory, has entered should be advised of the school to see a doctor immediately, and make a window ventilated, patient follow-up, strengthen the observation to the health of other contacts, implement preventive disinfection measures.

childcare facilities should discourage parents as much as possible into the park, is really necessary to accompany children to the park, should implement the parent temperature measurement, the flu (influenza a (H1N1)) put an end to outside the school gate.

symptoms disappear after 24 hours can be back to school

if there is a flu cases, the school is going to stay for the patient of the classroom, dormitory, open a window ventilated, avoid contact with infected; Students and staff of the city should be timely diagnosis and rest at home, no other house in this city, the school provide the necessary conditions to cope with the diagnosis and rest, give patient's diagnosis and treatment and care in life care, relative isolation measures and supervise the implementation. Symptoms disappeared after 24 hours can be back to school.

the school for absence from school students make up a missed lesson

the school should be absent because of illness students make up a missed lesson in order to make sure the keep up with teaching progress.

once the collective fever to disinfect

in the event of aggregation of fever cases (which occurred in 5 cases in a week or more associated with epidemiology, and oral temperature more than 38 ℃ and or axillary temperature is 37.5 ℃ and above, with one of the symptoms of runny nose, sore throat, cough and rule out other factors of disease of fever cases), each district and county CDC department to dispose of technical guidance to school in time, to the scene to conduct epidemiological investigation, take effective control measures, and according to the survey sampling inspection as required. Schools must be standardized in accordance with the disinfection isolation, timely meet the disinfection and isolation measures to carry out the professional organization. At the same time, the other contacts (without isolation) to carry out health monitoring measures. Confirmed cases according to the existing provisions for disposal.

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