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Colleges and universities h1n1 war

Chinese universities have swine flu after a school in the fall and the pledge of attack.

this day on September 2, xi 'an liberal arts college has three boys and 11 girls infected with the influenza a (H1N1) (hereinafter referred to as "swine flu"), 7, digital climbed to 44 cases of infection, and 10 to 6. Founded in 1952, nearly ten thousand people in the faculty of arts and sciences, college of xi 'an was forced to closed the door on his own for the first time in 57 years. School closure due to infectious diseases, it is also rare in the history of Chinese universities.

after the presence of xian university of electronic science and technology, xi 'an trade professional technology institute of science and technology; The northeast of heilongjiang university; Southwest of chengdu southwest specializes in college; Zhejiang hangzhou normal university, the Chinese are much more infections. To prevent further proliferation, including heilongjiang university, etc all university or closed or isolated cases, no cases also started to gate obsession.

a response to the swine flu war hastily and passively at colleges and universities in China.

a/h1n1 flu attack seemed suddenly to universities, on September 2, is a concentrated outbreak time node.

outbreaks: "can't really be h1n1"

xi 'an liberal arts college starts on August 28. On August 30, electrical system automation class two grade three several classmates think throat uncomfortable, at first they also disapprovingly jokes: "not got flu!" Although says, they also didn't go into the a/h1n1 flu in thought, thought is the common cold, continue to the next day in class, but there are some students soon sore throat, cough and other symptoms.

on September 2, electrical system, there are two classes of 20 students fever, this truly to the attention of the various aspects. On September 3, to xi 'an after the eighth hospital, xi 'an center for disease control and prevention of fever students sampling inspection, 14 cases were positive (male 11, female 3 cases), diagnosed with swine flu cases.

in the same on September 2, xi 'an jiaotong university confirmed swine flu cases together, the source is a xiamen university classmate, on August 25th see students and the school accommodation, found infected with swine flu after returning, and he had close contact with xi 'an jiaotong university two classmates, one is diagnosed with the swine flu.