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A few students to dye the a/h1n1 flu schools don't have to close

in yesterday's "2009 influenza prevention and control strategy seminar" in guangdong province, the provincial CDC experts pointed out that at present a few students after the infection of influenza a (H1N1), schools actually makes little sense, because students in the community may also infected with swine flu.

since the beginning of the pearl river delta region has many schools in the a/h1n1 flu cases, many schools take classes or schools of measures to deal with.

province CDC epidemic institute, jian-feng he disagrees. At present, he thought, in terms of the pearl river delta, and the a/h1n1 flu virus in the community has been widespread, in this case, the schools the role of the a/h1n1 flu prevention and control of co., LTD. Because students after closed, back to the community may also be infected with swine flu.

expert proposal, the current should be widely publicized in the students, parents, teachers, "who is ill, who closed".

guangdong haven't entered the second wave

recently, the world health organization director-general Margaret chan warned that the global swine flu in the second wave has already begun. , province, deputy director of the centers for disease control and prevention said Lin Jinyan, overall, China's swine flu just increase the activity, not just the second wave of the epidemic. "In terms of guangdong, and we have not the first wave of the past?" Lin Jinyan said.

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