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Beijing inoculated with the a/h1n1 flu vaccine now 14 cases of adverse reactions

Beijing on 22 September 23 electric ShiQiShi, Beijing has the a (H1N1) influenza vaccine, thirty-nine thousand people, including adverse reactions, 14 cases with no serious adverse reaction. The first vaccination, mostly on October 1st National Day activities of the participants.

the Chinese center for disease control and prevention immune liang xiaofeng, director of the center for media exchange meetings in 23, said by 22 ShiQiShi, Beijing on the same day a total of twenty-eight thousand eight hundred and sixty-four people inoculated with the a/h1n1 flu vaccine, vaccination thirty-nine thousand people.

among them, the adverse reaction, accumulative total roughly 25 cases, among them, 14 cases were related to the a/h1n1 flu vaccine.

commissioner of Beijing municipal health bureau disease control and prevention, an in an interview with local media, some people experience mild symptoms such as swelling and low thermal vaccination is normal reaction. Such a wide range of the a/h1n1 flu vaccine, for the first time around the world.

Beijing union medical college, dean of the school of public health professor 22, "huang says, at present, the city level 2 above hospitals influenza-like issued more than thirty percent higher than the same period last year, is likely to contain this kind of crowd in patients with influenza a (H1N1). This shows that the a/H1N1 flu virus has been active in the crowd.

liang said, according to the China vaccine supply and influenza situation harm vaccination scheme is determined, at present, the priority of the a (H1N1) influenza vaccine in China, is the guarantee to maintain the national health system and the normal operation of the public service system, medical staff will take the lead in public service system of vaccinated.

it is understood that from the tertiary hospitals in the city of Beijing from five hundred skilled and experienced staff, composed of 49 a swine flu vaccine vaccination teams, to large, medium and primary prevention of swine flu vaccine. The a/h1n1 flu vaccine, the government investment, free, citizens informed consent and voluntary inoculated for the principle.

Special remind,

Beijing health bureau has the seasonal influenza vaccine, for the a/h1n1 flu vaccine, and previous vaccination interval at least 15 days. At the same time, Beijing will be after the National Day, for the elderly, students and other vulnerable groups for the a/h1n1 flu vaccine inoculation, but the specific scope of inoculation and inoculation methods based on the flu epidemic outbreaks, as appropriate.

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