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Countries will finish before the end of October 26 million doses of the swine flu vaccine purchase

a/H1N1 flu vaccine reserve situation in our country? Influenza a (H1N1) vaccine and the seasonal influenza vaccines can be administered simultaneously? In addition to the vaccination, what precautions should be taken to the public? 23 health organization expert answers for these people care about problems.

countries will finish at the end of October 26 million doses of the swine flu vaccine

a few days ago Beijing was the first to start the work of influenza a (H1N1) vaccine immunization. Chinese center for disease control and prevention immune liang xiaofeng, director of the center said, ending at 22, 17, cumulative inoculation 3 in the city. 90000 people.

at present, the momentum of the global epidemic of influenza a (H1N1), the northern hemisphere in the autumn, the outbreak was rapidly rising trend. The expert points out, with the further expansion of the outbreak in mainland China, in more severe cases, there are even some deaths will be inevitable. Vaccination is one of the effective means of prevention of influenza a (H1N1) epidemic. According to the opinion of the world health organization (who), everyone should be the a (H1N1) influenza vaccine.

but the effective number of vaccine, so the current vaccination priority in epidemic heavier, densely populated areas, large population mobility. Disease severity was based largely on the a/H1N1 influenza surveillance results, gather cases) and number of factors such as comprehensive judgement.

the request of the ministry of health, on the premise of ensuring security, according to the principle of informed consent, voluntary vaccination free vaccination. Liang said the a/H1N1 influenza vaccination by the provincial public finance investment, the state subsidies, first in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shandong in these places.

said deng haihua, deputy director of the general office of the ministry of health of the a/H1N1 flu vaccine production in China at the present stage all by the national unified order, collection and storage, the country before the end of October this year will complete 26 million doses of the swine flu vaccine purchases. Country at the same time also to prepare the second batch of vaccine production and reserves, strive for the complete order collection and storage of 100 million doses of vaccine.

a/H1N1 flu vaccine and the seasonal influenza vaccination should be 14 days between

deal with influenza a (H1N1) zone spreading mechanism of the expert committee vaccine group leader, the Chinese academy of engineering, zhao armoured, points out that the a/H1N1 flu vaccine and the seasonal flu vaccine at least 14 days interval, to ensure that the two vaccines can create good protection effect.

according to introducing, the a (H1N1) influenza vaccine to no other influenza prevention, seasonal influenza vaccine for influenza a (H1N1) it would be useless.

who and the United States immune advisory committee believes that the a/H1N1 flu vaccine and the seasonal influenza vaccines can be administered simultaneously, inoculation in different parts. But because no two vaccines at the same time at home and abroad after inoculation of clinical trial data, so the expert proposal, if you need two types of vaccine, the best interval of 14 days.

the only influenza a (H1N1) vaccine immunization a needle, the vaccination site is upper arm of the lateral deltoid.

vaccine is effective prevention and control means but not the only measure

liang noted, vaccination is an important aspect of prevention measures, not after vaccination. For the a/H1N1 flu prevention and control measures in our country at present is still the comprehensive measures. Strengthening the epidemic monitoring and medical treatment, strengthen the collective units such as school epidemic prevention and control measures is still very important.

he said, for the masses, to reduce or avoid the crowd crowded public places, wearing masks in public places, pay attention to indoor and ventilated, wash your hands often, pay attention to personal hygiene, such as effective measures still have to stick to it.

China CDC zi-jian feng, director of the emergency management, points out that the a/H1N1 influenza mainly through close contact, after the patient of droplets, such as sneezing, coughing, etc. In addition, flu patients can pollute the surrounding objects when sneezing, coughing, after contact with the hand to others, to touch your mouth, nose, eyes and other parts will be infected. Maintain good personal hygiene, therefore, it is very important to increase the frequency of hand washing. In addition, studies have shown that wearing a mask is a very effective means.

zi-jian feng also suggested that in patients with flu symptoms of cough, sneeze, as far as possible to cover mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve, so avoid respiratory secretions infection to others; If have a fever, cough, headache, aching signs of airway infection, such as should be out less as far as possible, to minimize the close contact with others; If there is a chronic disease, it is better to reduce go out, to the public, it is best to avoid the crowd more populated places to travel.