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Who predicted the next two years, 2 billion people will be infected with swine flu

the world health organization (who) 21, predicted that the next few months the global swine flu cases may present "explosive" growth, called for countries to strengthen measures.

the agency said that day, not all patients with influenza must be treated with antiviral drugs such as tamiflu, but it is strongly recommended that pregnant women, children and other easy to severe symptoms of the patient population and medical treatment.

the world health organization western Pacific regional director for shin young-soo 21, said that the number of flu patients in many countries over the next few months may every three days to four days will be doubled. This situation may arise until the weather has turned cold northern hemisphere inflection point.

who released the latest figures show that the a/H1N1 flu has spread to 177 countries and regions in the world, killing nearly 1800 people. The who before 2 billion people globally in the next two years is expected to become infected with influenza a (H1N1).

shin young-soo hope countries to take responsive measures immediately, to prevent unnecessary deaths and calls for concern and support to developing countries especially influenza efforts.

countries and drug makers are now stepping up against influenza virus vaccine, is expected to provide as early as September to December, to the vaccine. Who is responsible for health safety and environment is the assistant director-general keiji fukuda said: "many of the problems in their pandemic, this is probably the most critical one: how to collect the vaccine, how to developing countries."

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