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The ministry of health: can't a/h1n1 flu vaccine is allergic to eggs

at present, the public of the a/H1N1 influenza vaccine immunization work more attention, for the introduction about the a/H1N1 influenza vaccine immunization knowledge, solve the public concern, the ministry of health experts made the a/H1N1 flu vaccine immunization knowledge quiz and reference for the general public.

1. Why do people in our country the a (H1N1) influenza vaccine?

at present, the momentum of the global epidemic of influenza a (H1N1). As of September 3, 188 countries and regions in the world outbreak, report 250000 cases, killed more than 2800 people. The number and the actual incidence than report the number of cases. At present, the northern hemisphere into the autumn, the epidemic is rapidly rising trend.

from the mainland, some new changes have taken place in recent epidemic situation also, epidemic spread from coastal to the nation, from urban to rural, mainly from the input into a local, gathered from sporadic cases to disease development. At present, the mainland's 31 provinces are found, the daily report the number of cases is on the rise, also recently appeared in succession the severe cases. With the further expansion of the outbreak, in more severe cases, there are even some deaths will be inevitable. Vaccination is one of the effective means of prevention of influenza a (H1N1) epidemic. According to the opinion of the world health organization (who), everyone should be the a (H1N1) influenza vaccine.

2. How's the progress of the a/H1N1 flu vaccine research and development in China?

to effectively deal with the swine flu, in early June, our country is established by the national development and reform commission, the ministry of health, ministry of industry and food safety, Chinese center for disease control and prevention, China pharmaceutical and biological products offices shall and 10 of influenza a (H1N1) influenza vaccine production enterprises vaccine development and linkage production coordination mechanism. Unified organization of the Chinese center for disease control and prevention of implementation of the a/H1N1 flu vaccine clinical trials; The state food and drug administration in caving vaccine quickly review, in accordance with the "in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules, procedures, standards, ie in order not to fall" principle, strictly, fairness and justice of vaccine for examination and approval of the review of the application for registration of the state-owned enterprises.

in early June, each a/H1N1 flu vaccine production enterprises in China from the WHO can be directly used in vaccine production with poison, in accordance with the seasonal flu vaccine production technology after development, the production of clinical trials using the vaccine, began to its door on July 22, clinical trials, through on-site inspection, registration, inspection, review of each procedure such as approval, to early September officially awarded the a (H1N1) influenza vaccine production application for registration. Our country become the world's first country to completion of vaccine development and register.

3. Our research and development of the a (H1N1) influenza vaccine safety and effectiveness?

domestic a/H1N1 flu vaccine is used by the world health organization (WHO) recommended by the a/H1N1 flu strains (vaccine strains) vaccinated chicken embryos, which develop the virus, harvest disease venom, inactivated virus, concentration, purification, made after cracking. Ten vaccine manufacturers in seven provinces, more than 13000 vaccinated volunteers.

according to the serological results of 21 days of the first doses of vaccine inoculation, serological effect and safety of the vaccine to the WHO and the European Union standards. Inoculation of 15? 0.5 g/mL without adjuvant vaccine Yang turn rate and the recoveries were more than 85%.

common adverse reactions are mainly local pain, swelling, systemic adverse reactions are mild fever, headache, etc., and the seasonal influenza vaccine basic same, haven't found a rare adverse reactions.

comprehensive analysis of various factors, the choice of 15 mu 0.5 g/ml cracking without adjuvant vaccine a dose of The Times.

4. How the a/H1N1 flu vaccine immunization in China?

after the a (H1N1) vaccine, can stimulate the body to produce antibodies against influenza a (H1N1) virus, used for this type of virus caused by the immune prevention of epidemics.

vaccination dose/dose: 15 mu g/ml, 0.5 1 dose. The vaccination site: upper arm of the lateral deltoid. Vaccination approaches: muscle injection. The a/H1N1 flu vaccine in 2 ~ 8 ℃ avoid light preservation and transportation, protected from freezing.

the a (H1N1) vaccine to no other influenza prevention role. The seasonal influenza vaccine for influenza a (H1N1) it would be useless.

the request of the ministry of health on the premise of ensuring security, according to the principle of informed consent, voluntary vaccination free of charge, we will actively yet prudently carry out vaccination work orderly. Before inoculated personnel should carefully examine children vaccination certificate, card, check the kind of person's name, sex, date of birth, and vaccination record, if confirmed for this kind of object, vaccination varieties, such as found in the original record of the kind of name, date of birth is wrong, should be timely correction; Does not belong to the kind of person, should be to the children's parents or the guardian to persuade interpretation. At the same time should also be told by a person or his guardian vaccine varieties, function, taboos, adverse reactions, and matters needing attention, ask the kind of person's health and whether there are vaccinated taboo, etc., and truthfully record to inform and ask the situation.