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Influenza vaccine for pregnant women and fetal immunisation rates of 90%

Japan's national institute of child health and development of clinical trials confirmed that traditional seasonal flu vaccine to pregnant women and fetal immunisation rates was 90%, and the a/H1N1 flu vaccine on the manufacturing method similar to the traditional flu vaccine, so for pregnant women and fetal immune effect will be close to.

test confirmed that the traditional seasonal flu vaccine, 90% of pregnant women and fetus can also produce antibody, and fetal birth body antibody value is generally higher than the mother.

in addition, the study found that the mother during pregnancy the earlier vaccinations, newborns antibody value is higher.

for the a/H1N1 flu vaccine, who led the study of the history of mountain pass wide (transliteration), said: "the a/H1N1 flu vaccine manufacturing method (with traditional seasonal flu vaccine) are basically the same, so we predict can produce similar to pregnant women and fetus (immune) effect, and no side effects."

a (H1N1) flu spread around the world this year, some countries, points out that pregnant women for swine flu infection in high-risk groups, should be the first batch of vaccination. Influenza vaccine for pregnant women and fetus has high immunity and without side effects clinical conclusion has important reference significance in the present stage.

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