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Beijing swine flu vaccine will be three antibodies can maintain two weeks

commissioner of Beijing municipal health bureau disease control, an, said Beijing's influenza a (H1N1) vaccination work will be three.

Beijing on September 21, the first to start the a/H1N1 flu vaccination work throughout the country, with 10400 students participate in the National Day celebrations are vaccinated.

after the National Day holiday, the ministry of health of the goalkeeper to did not participate in the celebration of National Day students vaccination work. The third is to gradually in patients with chronic disease in the elderly, to promote the a (H1N1) influenza vaccine inoculation.

for current vaccination, an said the vaccine is safe and effective, at present there is no adverse reactions. The a/H1N1 flu vaccine antibodies can maintain two weeks or so, but the person who has the seasonal flu vaccine will not be the a (H1N1) influenza vaccine.

Beijing union medical college, dean of the school of public health professor "huang, said yesterday that the public should raise awareness of self-protection and scientific prevention and control and must wear a face mask when they go to a hospital after onset, avoid to take traffic tools.

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