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Zhong said: a/h1n1 flu and avian flu virus mixture will be more serious

with the recent increasing imported cases and the occurrence of the second generation of the a/H1N1 flu cases, the spread of influenza a (H1N1) interpersonal communication and community risk is increasing. The Chinese academy of engineering, authority of respiratory diseases zhong last night to accept the voice of China "news network" an exclusive interview, assessment of the current outbreak and epidemic prevention work. Now, he thought, shows that the a/H1N1 flu is appear the condition of human-to-human transmission, but the second generation is the nature of the two cases and local, our epidemic prevention is more advanced, don't need to improve the level of epidemic prevention.

zhong: basic is to use a containment measures in our country, now it seems only one is the second generation, is actually a sign, that is to say, it may appear in domestic human-to-human transmission of the second generation and local produce is not the same, in the second generation or transmission to others after we brought from abroad, in an indigenous words like Japan, 25 pupils got sick at the same time, it was produced at home, two properties are different things, we need to be aware of, is, as always, our work has been advanced, the exit no check body temperature, there is no need to add to what level, I think this is ok, don't need to be further isolated in all the close contact, I want to also do not need to temporarily.

the host: and after the foreign media questioned his strict quarantine measures for China, there are some western scholars believe that China's response to the pandemic threat of ultra. Mr Zhong said the swine flu virus variation in general or in the, at the same time, there is the individual cases of bird flu, if the a/h1n1 flu and avian flu virus is going to be a very serious problem, so we strictly control of swine flu is very correct.