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China gastric cancer early detection rate of only 10% remind: eat less salted food

on May 30, sponsored by the affiliated zhongshan hospital of fudan university academic BBS news the third china-japan-korea joint symposium of gastric cancer: gastric cancer in China ranks second in the malignant tumor, the incidence is about 23/10, every year in the Shanghai area of about 6000 patients with gastric cancer. Due to early detection of gastric cancer in China is only about 10%, patients survival rate and quality of life. Experts attending the meeting, improve early gastric cancer detection rate, regulating the stomach cancer radical surgery, are two key direction in the field of gastric cancer treatment in the future.

affiliated zhongshan hospital of fudan university professor qin new yulin director general, said: although the onset of cancer of the stomach is a downward trend in recent years, but the absolute number of gastric cancer remained high in China, the world's first. In Japan, South Korea, the early gastric cancer detection rate of 50% to 60%, the figure is only 12% to 13% in Shanghai area. From the perspective of the treatment of advanced gastric cancer, Japan, South Korea Ⅱ period in patients with gastric cancer, its five-year survival rate can reach more than 80%, Ⅲ, Ⅳ period patients can reach more than 50%, far higher than the similar data. Experts say, improve early gastric cancer detection rate, in a certain range of the crowd for gastroscopy is particularly important.

ruijin hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, professor zheng-gang zhu believed that found that early diagnosis and early treatment, particularly important in patients with gastric cancer. Data show that early gastric cancer patients with 5 years of survival rate can reach more than 90%. At present, in view of in the mucosa, tumor diameter less than 1. 5 cm, good degree of cell differentiation, and there is no "very early gastric cancer of lymphatic metastasis, still can implement decollement under endoscopy. Such minimally invasive surgery with small trauma, quicker recovery, fewer complications, a series of advantages, improve the quality of life of patients. Prevention of gastric cancer, and people should try to eat less pickled food in our daily life, once appear, gastric polyps, stomach ulcers and other symptoms, should be cured in time, prevent precancerous lesions that may occur.