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Hunan the first confirmed a/H1N1 flu patients cured discharged from hospital

2 in the morning, hunan's first confirmed a/H1N1 flu patient jin mou after cure, happily out of the quarantine treatment of the first hospital of changsha.

a university who is currently studying in the United States of 19 patients with jin mou, Beijing time fly home from New York on May 21, 22, after Beijing transit arrived in changsha. 25, jin mou as hunan the first imported influenza a (H1N1) suspected cases have been transferred to the first hospital of changsha in isolation treatment. , 26 patients were diagnosed with the swine flu cases.

according to ww, vice President of the first hospital of changsha during the treatment, in order to obtain patients, medical staff regularly every day and its communication and exchanges, and according to the patient's subjective feeling is unusual, in combination with the doctor's advice to take effective measures to relieve patients' pain. 29 patients with cough and sore throat symptoms disappear gradually, stopped to drug treatment in patients with treatment center, and maintain strict medical observation of patients daily. 30, the first hospital of changsha were collected samples from patients with pharyngeal swab, three times in the laboratory test results were negative for influenza a (H1N1) virus nucleic acid detection.