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The caterpillar plague cause headache rash difficulty breathing

according to the daily mail reported that Britain recently appeared a caterpillar plague, this super hairy caterpillar can cause headaches, severe skin irritation and difficulty breathing. This is the brown tail moth caterpillars, their whole body is full of up to two million root brown hair, many of which fall off in the air, once someone inhalation or contact with the hair, can cause a severe allergic reaction, severe breathing difficulties, headache, rash or conjunctivitis.

as Britain in recent years the increasingly warming temperatures, previously found only in Britain on the insect has now spread all over the north of England. Tens of thousands of brown tail moth had invaded the capital Wiltshire, bridge near the residential area, causing itching residents and their children. The disease also appeared in Essex, Sussex and Kent, even folkestone a hotel nearby so health threat was forced to shut down its parking lot. 25 weeks of pregnancy local pregnant women Julian Payne said, our garden is full of mice, foot thousands of article, they are like a spider web on cherry tree. Children started a skin rash, itching. "Because I was pregnant, some itching medicine I can't use."